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Body Mass Index Calculator for Men and Women – Indian BMI Chart

Medically reviewed by  R Sindhu Vas, Masters of Food Science and Nutrition

BMI chart, consisting of specified ranges and based on scientific calculations, is a standard way to analyze your health status. The Body Mass Index Calculator is a scientific measurement that helps in categorizing an individual into a certain weight group.

It is, however, not a test for identifying the health or fitness of any individual. Now, what does a weight group mean? Well, we all must have heard the terms, underweight, overweight, obese.

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So, Body Mass Index calculator is one way of determining if an individual falls under any of these categories or does they have a normal BMI [1].

BMI quantifies the muscle, fat, and bone mass of an individual. It takes into account the height and weight of a person and a result is a number that determines the weight category. The employed formula is:

BMI = Weight (in kg)/ Height (in meters squared)

Importance of Body Mass Index Calculator

Body Mass Index calculator gives a number which has been related to different health concerns. Proven diseases that come with excess weight are:

  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cancers of breast, colon, prostate
  • Liver diseases
  • Gall Bladder stones

The BMI number is found to be very closely related to the risks of developing the two dreaded diseases of our times, Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension.


BMI Chart

BMI Chart

A BMI chart depicting BMI ranges recommended by WHO and Asian criteria values
A BMI chart depicting BMI ranges recommended by WHO and Asian criteria values

Above a BMI chart is shown that is based on the WHO and Asian criteria. This BMI chart shows that there is a difference in BMI values for the Asians as compared to the WHO criteria [3].

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Ranges in Body Mass Index Calculator

Scientifically, as per the standards set by WHO, the accepted range of a normal BMI is 18.5 to 24.9. Therefore, if you fall into this range, you are in a safe weight zone.

If you are below 18.5, you are categorized underweight. And if you have a BMI of more than 25 but less than 29.9, you are considered overweight.  

And with a BMI of more than 30, you are considered to fall into the obese category.

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BMI Calculator for Indians

Asians body types are different than the western people and so the obesity features differ too. That is why we see the difference in the overweight limit for the Asians.

And in recent statements made by some Indian researchers it has been mentioned that for Indians, the waist circumference (WC) also plays a vital role in measuring obesity.

Hence, both BMI and WC are important for measuring obesity in our Indian population.

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While a BMI of 25 is considered to be healthy internationally, it has been reported that for Indians, more precisely the South Asians, the health quotient according to the BMI number may change.

The World Health Organization itself has accepted that major of the Asian population, who are at higher risk of diabetes and CVDs have BMI lower than the existing WHO- cut off points for overweight [2].

Hence it is accepted that for Indians the normal BMI cut off should be 23.

BMI values and weight category
BMI values and weight category

2 Factors that differ the health risks depending on BMI values between Asian and non-Asian are

  • The fat content is found to be higher in Asian people. 
  • Moreover, the distribution of accumulated fat in the body is different in Asian and in Western people.


In a study conducted in the United States, it was found that people with a BMI of 25-29.9 kg/m2 had a 50% increased risk of diabetes compared to the people with BMI ranging between 18-24.9 kg/m2.  [1]

4 Reasons why BMI is an important factor for health

  • It will give you an idea if you are weighing correct in accordance with your height.
  • The BMI number will be a factor in deciding if you carry any risk of certain diseases.
  • It will be an alert so that you can take up the preventive measures against any disease.
  • With your BMI number, you can decide what diet and lifestyle changes that you can take up.

Difference between BMI calculator of men and BMI calculator of women

It has been found that women can carry more fat than men. Also, men carry more muscle. So this way a man and a woman with the same height will have different BMI. 

Many studies have come up with different BMI gap between men and women.  

However, even if men and women have different body structures, BMI threshold or the normal BMI value for both of them has been considered to be the same. This is basically taken up to keep it simple.

Indians and obesity
Indians and obesity

Scientific limitations of BMI measurements

While BMI chart for men/ women is a very popular way of identifying the weight of a person, it does have a few limitations.

  •  It doesn’t take the body fat measurement into consideration.
  •  BMI doesn’t change for men and women. However, as mentioned above there are differences of the body frame and muscular build up.
  •  BMI measurement cannot directly indicate any health disease.

It is true that Body Mass Index calculator doesn’t consider any detailed data to imply health issues, it is still widely used and is considered as an important parameter in categorizing individuals on the basis of weight.  

So, knowing your BMI is always helpful! Have you checked yours yet? To know your BMI right now click here.

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