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5 Diet Guidelines for Gallbladder Stone Patients


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There are several cases coming across of gallbladder stone (bile stone). In most of the cases, gallbladder stone will be asymptomatic i.e. the person will be having gallbladder stone but will not be aware as they will not be having any symptom. But during the routine check-up or for USG, it often gets detected.

Diagrammatic representation of Gallbladder
Diagrammatic representation of Gallbladder

3 Ways how Weight loss and Gallbladder Stone is connected

  • There is a close relationship between obesity and gallbladder stone: Obese people are more likely to develop gallstones.  North Indian people are more prone to gall stone.
  • There is a close relationship between the speed of weight loss and gallbladder stone size: Rapid weight loss may increase the chance of GB stone.
  • The changes in the diet may aggravate the pain or symptoms of gallbladder stone. 

 7 Common Lab tests for Gallbladder Stone

  • CBC
  • LVF (Liver function test)
  • Amylase
  • Lipase
  • Sr. Bilirubin
  • Lipid profile
  • USG (abdomen)

5 Diet Guidelines for patients with Gallbladder stone

  • Avoid trans fats, fried food, meat, cheese, cake, biscuits, refined flour.
  • Sources of fat should be added like: sunflower oil, safflower oil, olive oil, flaxseeds oil etc. Add more egg, milk, peanut.
  • Calories should not go beyond 900 calories while planning diet plan for the client.
  • Weight loss should not be faster than 800gm per week, to avoid complications or acute pain.
  • Fat should be avoided but gradually, because complete fat restriction also may worsen the situation.

Truweight Products to look out for

From our panel of Nutrition experts, we bring to you our best food products that will help you in your struggle with Gallbladder stone conditions.

Helpful TW products: Increasing Teatox, wheatgrass, Trufibre, Trudrink, shake a day, amla, grapes, citrus fruits, these are having capacity of dissolving/flushing GB stone

Helpful TW herbs: Shatavari-Curcuma tab (women clients), Punanrnava

Helpful TW Phases to be involved: Revitalizing sugar detox and belly fat phase, Nutritional balance phase will help more for this.

We in Truweight, take special care of the different health conditions that our clients come with. That is why we are not just a weight management company but a wellness company. So, if you are looking for a weight loss program that would take care of your health without neglecting your gallbladder condition, talk to a Truweight Nutritionist today. The first consultation is on us! Click here to avail it.


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