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Aloe Vera And Lemon Juice: The Ultimate Drink For Weight Loss

Medically Reviewed by Sindhu Vas – Post Graduate in Nutrition and Food science

A good weight loss journey starts with the right food. And if you look in your kitchen closely, you will find the foods that will benefit you the most.

Every food has something to offer and two such foods that can have a positive impact on weight loss are aloe vera and lemon juice.

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It might sound like an unlikely combination but they both offer a number of medicinal properties that will help you keep your body healthy.

Aloe Vera

The gooey aloe vera has carved a niche for itself among beauty and health enthusiasts.  

The benefits of aloe vera have reached far and wide that these long green plants adorning houses and balconies are now a common sight.

aloe vera for weight loss
aloe vera for weight loss

Aloe vera is a succulent plant which has gel-like substance in the inside when cut. The aloe gel looks opaque and sometimes yellow in colour. The aloe vera plant is found in the countries of Africa, Central Asia, and in the regions of Caucasus. [1]

Touted as one of the best home remedies for minor ailments, aloe vera has little to no side effects. Its positive effects are not just superficial; aloe also offers several benefits when ingested.

Aloe vera for weight loss

One of the main benefits of aloe vera is its ability to promote weight loss. It can improve body metabolism and the laxative content present in aloe ensures healthy digestion.

Having a teaspoon of aloe juice 15 or 20 minutes before a meal will keep an eye on your food intake. This creates a feeling of fullness thereby preventing excess eating.

One of the main benefits of aloe vera is its ability to promote weight loss.

Below we have listed some of the ways aloe vera helps in losing weight.

1. Natural Detoxification:

As per a study, aloe vera detoxifies the body. Aloe Vera is rich in polysaccharides and antioxidants. It helps in making your immune system stronger and hence helps in preventing the growth of free oxidative radicals inside your body. 

This free the internal system of toxins. Detoxifying the body regularly is essential for a healthy weight loss.

2. Boosting Metabolism:

Aloe Vera has a positive effect on your gastrointestinal system, which helps in boosting your immune system. If you drink aloe vera on a regular basis, you can ease issues like ulcer, acid reflux, etc.

Aloe can also regulate your bowel movements. In this way, it gears up the burning of calories and helps you to lose weight quickly.

As an additional bonanza, aloe contains vitamin B which plays a major role in improving metabolism; it helps in checking the accumulation of fats and also in curbing appetite.

3. Acting as A Natural Laxative:

A natural laxative, aloe vera can aid in digestion when consumed often. Healthy digestions will help your large intestine to work correctly and helps in attaining a healthy stomach and a clean colon. 

4. Preventing Overeating:

Aloe vera can help in lowering the glucose levels of your bloodstream. It restricts the accumulation of fat by lowering the rate of sugar absorption. It will also help you feel fuller for a longer period of time, and therefore it will prevent overeating and helps you to lose weight. [2]

About Lemon juice

The place of origin of the lemon is probably India, and it was introduced in the West by the Roman traders about two thousand years ago. What makes lemon unique is that it’s relishing flavour can simply enhance any dish in your kitchen.   

lemon for weight loss

Rich in vitamin C, lemon had acquired popularity in the seventeenth century when it was used to cure sailors suffering from scurvy; a condition caused due to severe deficiency of vitamin C.

Scurvy leads to bleeding gum and loosening of teeth. Lemon juice was considered to be the best solution for treating it. 

Lemon for Weight Loss

When the body’s digestive system is poor, it restricts the absorption of various nutrients which help in burning fat. This results in the accumulation of toxins in your bloodstream.

Consuming lemon often can eliminate toxins from the body and keep the digestive system and liver healthy [3]. This helps with weight loss.

The best way to use lemon for weight loss is to make a drink out of it. Mix lemon juice with lukewarm water and drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Not only it will help you in losing weight, but it also tastes wonderful.

The benefits of lemon are as follows:

1. Improving digestion process

Lemon water helps in slowing the digestion process, which helps in better absorption of the nutrients. It helps in utilising the nutrients of the body and doesn’t allow the accumulation of fats. 

Lemon adds hydrochloric acid and bile juice to your body. It lowers the risk of acidity, bloating and gas and helps in improving the digestion process.

2. Cleanses the Liver

The enzymes present in the lemon water helps in stimulating the liver function which helps in detoxifying your system. During this process, the liver is cleansed and the waste from your body is eliminated. 

3. Suppresses Appetite

When on a lemon diet, your food cravings are kept on check since lemon has the potential to suppress your appetite. This prevents you from bingeing which helps your weight loss efforts. [4]

4. Boosts up Immune System

Vitamin C present in lemon helps in boosting your immune system as it helps neutralise the free radicals related to ageing and disease. It also helps in increasing your energy levels as it contains numerous essential vitamins and minerals.

So, next time when you are feeling low, have lemon for boosting your immunity and keeping cold and flu at bay. [5]

Aloe Vera and Lemon Juice

To make your weight loss journey a successful one, mix lemon with aloe vera. You will see wonders!

With one simple drink, you get to enjoy the benefits of both lemon and aloe vera. 

To make this drink, mix water with one tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice and squeeze the juice of one fresh lemon. Stir it well and drink this preferably in the morning.

 If desired you can add some honey for neutralising its bitter taste. Do this religiously and see your body fat melting right before your eyes!

Good body metabolism is the key to weight loss. By having aloe vera and lemon juice, you not only boost your metabolism but also keep your digestive system healthy and remove toxins from the body.

You might not enjoy this drink first but it sure will bring a difference and leave you refreshed!