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14 Health Benefits of Coconut Water You Didn’t Know About

Medically reviewed by Dharshitha, Nutrition Training and Quality Manager for PAN India

While we spend a heavy share of our money on synthetic products, we tend to overlook the advantages of the natural things around us, just like the benefits of coconut water. Like water, drinking coconut water regularly has its own advantage on your health; infact, maybe even more than drinking water.

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Like apples, ‘A coconut a day keeps the doctor away’. This indeed is absolutely true. Coconut water is found in the centre of a relatively young coconut. Due to its extremely high nutrient content, it is used in various ways.

From containing vitamins that regulate the blood pressure to maintaining the right pH in the body; benefits of coconut water are a never-ending list. The water also contains many bio-active enzymes that work wonders for our body’s digestive system and fat metabolism besides being great for our skin and hair health.

 Apart from being one of favourite thirst quenchers, here are some of the most amazing benefits of coconut water.

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Benefits of coconut water

The goodness of coconut water has never been a myth. Coconut water is a natural sorcerer of all the drinks, and it is composed of the following nutrients:

  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Enzymes
  • B-complex vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and zinc

There are numerous benefits of coconut water. Although, not all can be mentioned at once, might as well mention a few here.

1. Coconut water is even more hydrating than water

Coconut water is a great drink for hydration
Coconut water is a great drink for hydration

The presence of electrolytes makes coconut water a great rehydrating agent. So, whenever you are in fluid loss, it is the best time to have coconut water. You are clear of your thirst and also your body is provided with nutrition.[1]

It is an effective hydrating agent, and if taken in the right amount, it has even got the power to heal stomach anomalies like indigestion.

2. Have skin benefiting effects

It is common to long for that perfectly radiating spot-free skin. While we hardly find something that benefits our skin, coconut water distinctly serves better for all types of skin.[2]

Coconut water is composed of anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that have the power to rectify the acne issues. It levels the pH of your skin that regulates a proper hydration for the skin, thus keeping it moisturized.

The presence of lauric acid in it makes it perfect for providing anti-ageing solutions for the skin.

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3. Maintains the blood pressure level

With its Vitamin C, potassium and magnesium content, one of the many benefits of coconut water is that it is really good at maintaining a low Blood Pressure. One cups of fresh coconut water a day can keep your blood pressure levels low.

A blood pressure that soars till the roof is one of the risk factors for heart disease. So, you are ensuring your heart health by keeping it in check.

“The fact that coconut water is low in calories, makes it suitable for the people trying to cut down their weights. It is naturally blessed with zero fat and cholesterol.”

Coconut water consists of only 4 to 6 gm of sugars per 100 ml. And FYI, it is even lesser than most of the sports drinks.

Usually, coconut water has more or less the following composition:

Nutrient per 100 g Green coconut water [7]

Energy kJ 109
Protein g         0.7
Fat g          0
Carbohydrate g3.7
Sugars total g     2.6

Sodium mg        

Potassium mg  250

Hence, it is zero fat and cholesterol.

4. Helps during Headaches

The richness of magnesium in coconut water can help reduce headaches. It is also known to be effective for migraines.

Yes, that unbearable ache that does not let you do anything during a migraine can be reduced with coconut water.

5. It is a complete package of multi-nutrients

With the presence of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium, coconut water is better than many nutritious drinks that you get outside.

Thus, individuals with deficiencies of any or all of these nutrients can be highly benefited. Nutrients in coconut water have the power to rebuild your health.

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6. Helps in maintaining the body pH

Having an acidic ambience inside your body can be a negative point. It can lead to many diseases like liver issues, arthritis, diabetes etc.

The basic nature of coconut water can help reduce the acidic nature and hence maintains the right pH level.[3]

7. It regulates hair growth

The role of coconut oil for hair is known to all. But the water inside this giant seed is beneficial to hair too.

  It is known to add shine to the hair, reducing dandruff as well as help the hair grow longer and stronger.

Coconut water benefits in hair growth
Coconut water benefits in hair growth

The coconut water hydrates the scalp and the hair. And massaging your hair with this water can boost hair nourishment as well as blood circulation.

8. Coconut water is good for Diabetes

For all the diabetic people, coconut water can be an absolute solution. It is not only low in sugar and calories but also extraordinarily rich in potassium, many important minerals and dietary fibres.

These are nothing but some naturally occurring calorie free carbohydrates.

Although, there are some contradicting studies on this benefit, as some research states that coconut water may result in hyperglycemia. Hence it is important to consult a doctor if you are diabetic, before regular consumption of coconut water.[5]

9. It is a natural diuretic

Yes, coconut water is a well-known regulator of the body’s dieresis. It can cleanse your body and can even cure different urinary infections.[6]

Including it meticulously in your diet can be pretty effective for your kidneys in fluid regulation.

10. Relieves the heart

Our heart is one of the most sensitive organs that we have. Coconut water increases the HDL or the good lipid and inhibits the VLDL.

Benefits of coconut water for the heart
Benefits of coconut water for the heart

The benefits of coconut water over the heart is so good that at Jamaica it is considered as a heart tonic.

11. It helps to manage symptoms of hyperthyroidism

One of the common diseases of our times is the thyroid issue. And this too can be managed by coconut water. The presence of anti-inflammatory properties makes it ideal for individuals with hyperthyroidism.

12. Coconut water benefits weight loss

We all crave for a perfectly toned body. And coconut water can even help us with that. This beverage is low in calories and increases body metabolism.

The fact that coconut water keeps you hydrated will inhibit the storage of fats in your body. This way it does minimize the chances of building up the fats.

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13. Coconut water benefits during pregnancy

Regular consumption of coconut water can help in having a comfortable pregnancy. It is known to reduce fatigue, cramps, dehydration etc during pregnancy.

Moreover, it provides comfort during those significant months for the soon to be mothers.

14. It helps in curing hangovers

Do you often see yourself gulping aspirins after those weekend parties? If yes, then stop taking them. Coconut water is great for curing bad hangovers.

And of course, it is natural. It provides the body with the most required fluid supply that the alcohols drain away. I bet this is one benefit of coconut water that the party animals should definitely know! Coconut water can cure bad to worse hangovers.

Coconut water can cure bad hangovers
Coconut water can cure bad hangovers

It is like a magical potion that has numerous benefits. The only way that it can be beneficial to us is by knowing its significance.

Moreover, knowing how much to take and the right time to drink coconut water can help you optimize the various benefits of this wonder water.

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Best time to drink coconut water

The best time to drink coconut water would be –

  • After a tiring day
  • Early in the morning
  • During Mid-meals
  • Post lunchtime

Disclaimer: Truweight does not claim to cure any diseases. Results may vary. Before you make anything as a regular habit make sure to consult a doctor. And as per your health condition and doctors advice, you can go ahead with the routine habits.

Coconut water disadvantages

While this drink has always been known for its benefits, there can also be certain disadvantages of coconut water like.

  • Coconut water can cause as an allergy to many people. 
  • An excess of coconut water can even lead to hyperglycemia; Especially if your are suffering from diabetes.
  • Coconut water can even act as a laxative that can disrupt the digestive system.

In case you experience any of these issues, avoid taking coconut water or consult a nutritionist on how much coconut water is best for you. After all, excess of anything can be dangerous!


“The two basic items necessary to sustain life are sunshine and coconut milk.” said Dustin Hoffman

This hard nut has the purest liquid in it. Now you know all of its benefits and it’s time you start detoxifying your body with coconut water.

Let’s go coco’nut today!

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