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Why Size Zero Is A Sure Shot Way To Kiss Your Health Good Bye

Times have changed now. So has the concept of body image. The right size today is when you have managed to drop all your curves and fit yourself into a size zero dress.

The obsession began Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham in the US. It filtered down to the Kareena Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty in India.

Now it plagues every woman that lives in the shadow of these women who own the silver screen in their ridiculously small dress sizes.

College-going girls barely eat anymore. They are more than happy skipping a meal a day and/or surviving on boiled vegetables with a roti or two a day.

And may the lords save the one who hands them a glass of regular milk instead of their preferred skim milk.

And what do the young women of today get in return for constant devotion?

Side effects of this unhealthy fad


The size zero craze has certainly increased their chances of osteoporosis by a great margin. The fat mass in our body plays an important role in bone building.

When you push the fat mass below what it should be, osteoporosis does look like that obvious result. And considering women are as such three times more liable to osteoporosis and breaking their hips, how can you not be worried?

Eating Disorders:

Bulimia, Anorexia or body dysmorphic disorders are ailments that most of us had not even heard off till the times of the size zero craze.

So many famous names seem to have lost lives to it. In 2006, Ana Carolina Reston, 21 and the very same year saw the death of Luisel Ramos at Madrid fashion week followed by her 18-year-old sister the same year!

All three suffered from severe malnutrition. And even then for a long time, it never seemed like something we would see those among us suffer with.

Today, when you stand in a college canteen and you will spot god knows how many kids who seem to have made these ailments their way of life.

Emotional Upheaval:

Take the young who are yet to figure out where they stand and who they might want to be.

Then bombard them with images that tell them, if you aren’t thin then you don’t look good.

There begins a losing battle with their own self-esteem.

Not only does it lead them towards the crazy ways to lose weight and stay thin but it also leaves them questioning themselves at every front in life.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

And if you eat the size zero proportions that you can kiss your health and peace of mind goodbye for sure!

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