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The Jealous June Weight Loss Workout Calendar (With Workout Videos)

Jealous June weight loss


At 45+ years, Sobha is the real youth behind Truweight.

With 15 years of experience in physical training including Aerobics, Martial Arts, Yoga, Kickboxing, Pilates etc, she is developing the fitness module of Truweight.

She has formulated this Jealous June Weight Loss workouts that are sure to get your heart racing and that stubborn fat melting away!


June signifies the oncoming of rainy season and everyone gets happy for a different reason.

While some simply love to jump and splash in little mud puddles, weight loss enthusiasts could find workouts demoralising.

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Presenting the Jealous June Weight Loss Workout regime! We assure you that by the end of this month, you are sure to be jealous worthy! 

Make a different calendar of sorts for the month of June with this day wise planned workout.

A handy tip:

take a print out and use this weight loss workout calendar instead of the boring one!

Monthly workout plan

If you notice, the workout schedule is divided in this format. To help you with it, we have suggested the following workout videos to help you in mission weight loss.

Cardio + strength training of different body part splits

So some days you are doing cardio with strength training for upper and lower body whereas some days, it is just midriff (middle body) workout.

The combination of cardio with strength training is also a high-powered weight loss workout to burn energy and fat. These are some of the workout videos you could refer to for the workouts!

Cardio + flexibility

Flexibility is one such area where almost most of us lack in. Flexibility can help in sports, training, and in everyday life when you try to pick up objects or even contort to reach difficult places!

However, the training for increasing flexibility could be tricky and is not quite the same as just training for looks or strength.

We advise you to consult your physician before you could replicate any of these exercises. This cardio and flexibility combo is just what you need for weight loss and a supple body.

The 7-minute short and simple flexibility improving exercises

Strength training of complete body(no cardio)

Ladies, have you stayed away from strength training because you fear you may develop muscles like John Abraham or Salman Khan?

Well, we must tell you, you are missing out on a very important and a major part of weight loss. Lifting weights give you a definitive edge against belly fat, stress and even some lifestyle conditions like heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes among others.

Weight training develops the most active muscle tissue which helps in burning 40% more fat than any other workout method.

Time to shrug off your inhibition and lift those weights. Strength training also helps in weight management after you have lost tons of weight!

Complete body workouts for weight loss

Pure cardio

Cardio regularly features in our weight loss workouts so do we really have to elucidate its benefits?

Well, it not just keeps you active after a sedentary sort of day but it helps in weight loss, strengthens heart and lungs, increases bone density, reduces stress among other things.

We bring you fun ways to ratchet up your heart rate with our fitness instructor Sobharani deciding the workout regime.

You can watch more of the weight loss workout videos by Sobharani Kosaraju at Truweight’s Youtube Channel

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