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10 Simple Weight Loss Exercises at Home for Both Men & Women

Medically reviewed by Ashwathy V. Pillai,  Postgraduate Degree in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition

It’s quite common that we often get confused in choosing the best weight loss method that will work for us. Out of different available, diet and exercise for weight loss are the two that have become popular because they are safe, healthy and don’t cause side effects.

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Interestingly, both diet and weight loss exercise should go hand in hand to see good result. 80% diet and 20% exercise is what our nutritionists recommend to be successful in losing weight.

Diet and weight loss exercises for both male and female are almost similar. Get started with your healthy journey by knowing your body better. Check your BMI

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Hence we bring you these 10 simple exercises for weight loss that will help you to shape up your body.

10 Simple Exercises For Weight Loss

1.Yoga to Reduce Weight 

Yoga is one of the most simple and easy exercises for weight loss. It helps in building and maintaining a healthy body as well as a soul. Out of 254 Asanas, the following are specifically recommended for weight loss: Padmasana, Bhunjangasana, Balasana, and Tadasana.

Following these yoga asanas, every day will definitely help to keep your weight under control.

Bhujangasana – Yoga For Weight Loss

2. Crunches to Reduce Belly Fat

Crunches are the abdominal workouts that focus on belly fat.  They help in developing better abs and also increase the strength of muscles and help in toning them up.

1000 crunches a day will get you strong abdominal muscles.  Including crunches in your daily set of exercise for weight loss will definitely help you in bringing down your pounds.

Check out this video about Quick Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat.

3. Planks to Tighten up belly 

Planks are simple exercises for weight loss that you can try at your home. You hold yourself in a push-up position, resting your forearms on the ground. Plank exercise target all the major muscles in your body.

They also help in reducing risks of back and spine. If you are looking for exercises for weight loss, try 3 or 4 sets of plank exercises, holding for 30 seconds each.

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4. Lunges for muscles 

Lunges such as forward lunges are good for weight loss as they work on muscles effectively. While looking for exercises for weight loss, lunges are definitely recommended.

Forward lunges are good for core muscles as well as for thighs and legs. Moreover, you can take up lunges anytime and a bonus point, they are great for your glutes! 

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5. Circuit Training to burn overall weight 

Circuit Training is found to be much more effective than traditional cardio for burning weight from all over the body. These are high-intensity weight loss exercises.

They are amazing for increasing muscle size and muscular strength besides burning body fat. They are great for weight loss because they burn maximum calories. 

6. Cardio Activities for weight loss

Cardio activities are aerobic exercises for weight loss that can be both low and high-intensity exercises. Rowing, running, walking, cycling is cardio activities.

Besides being weight loss exercises, these also help in strengthening heart muscles, reducing stress, increasing circulation. These are good options for weight loss exercises for both men and women.

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Cardio training
Cardio training

7. Walking as an easy workout

Getting up and moving throughout the day by going for walks will also help as easy workouts for weight loss. Remember the key point is to do full-body workouts and short bursts of exercises which are best for weight loss. 

So, if you are into one of those jobs where you sit in front of your computer screen for hours, take short walking sessions frequently.

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8. Bear Crawls for weight loss

This falls under upper body circuit exercises for weight loss. Bear crawls help in increasing the strength of your arms, shoulders and chest. 

 Like the plank exercise, the bear crawl exercises for weight loss works on the core muscles and strengthen them. This exercise improves and aids hip mobility, activate knees and aid in weight loss for boys and girls.

weight loss exercise
Bear Crawl Exercise

9. Jumping as a high-impact exercise

It can be an effective weight loss exercises as it involves all the body muscles. It is a high-impact exercise that burns body fat effectively. Jumping exercises like box squat jump, the step-up jump can be followed by both ladies and gents as well.

10. Running to boost heart rates

Running is a good effective way of keeping your heart rate up, lose calories, and reduce belly fat and overall weight. And the best part is, these exercises can be an effective weight loss exercise for both male and female.

Yoga-Based Weight Loss Exercises for both Men and Women

‘YOGA’ integrates body, mind, and soul. Besides being popularly known as an ancient Indian practice for physical and emotional well-being,

Yoga is also an absolute treat for weight loss.  As we’ve mentioned earlier, the different poses of Yoga exercises are known as Asanas.

The best thing about it is, that it encourages and motivates you to exercise, ultimately, landing you in a sensation of need for weight loss exercise.

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Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss at home

AsanasAsanaEffective On (Body Part)
2BhujangasanaBelly & Back
3BalasanaThighs, Back and Overall Body
4TadasanaHips, Buttock, Pelvis, Back & More
5Sethu BandhasanaTones abs, Thighs and strengthen shoulders
6HalasanaThighs & Hips
7Utkatasana Thighs and buttocks
8Baddha KonasanaThighs

Each of the different Asanas (Poses) of Yoga concentrates more on a particular area but ultimately all the Asanas deliver a strong aid towards weight loss for gents, ladies, kids and for people with different age groups.

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Exercise & Weight Loss

If you have hit a weight loss plateau, then increasing the duration and intensity of exercise becomes important. It also becomes important when you are near your target weight. The last few kgs are always the most difficult and you need that extra push.

At these times, 80% is not good enough; you need 100% efforts.“I Work Out Daily” Says A Dieter – We get many clients who say “I cannot do the diet because I’m exercising”.

And the moment they get out of the gym, they go to a junk food stall. What they don’t know is Exercise & Diet should complement each other for better and quick weight loss at home.

Did you know?

During the last 50 years, Fitness clubs & Gyms have an increasing number of people opting in, because of their emphasis on quick Weight Loss through various workouts for both Men and Women.

Well, Unfortunately, it has also been noted that all the junk food companies and hotels have seen the best period for all junk companies in the world as people kept on increasing consumption of junk food. And this explains why people are falling sick and not able to reduce weight despite exercising more.

Now that we have seen how exercise can help in weight loss and as mentioned above exercise is going to help you in achieving 20% on your weight loss journey, the remaining 80% should be achieved through healthy food diet. 

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