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Truweight is a research and nutrition based healthcare company that deals with Obesity and Obesity related disorders. We have a 3 pronged approach including Personal Nutritionist and Doctors, customized meal plans and Superfoods and tech based scientific analysis and constant mentoring. There are over 100+ nutritionists & doctors across Truweight centres, counselling around 40,000+ clients on their weight loss and health issues.

Management Team

Vishnu Saraf

Co Founder & CEO

With a pedigree to boast of (SRCC, IIM A), he has the obsessive compulsive disorder to strive for perfection in everything. “Lets think what are the areas where we can improve” happens to be his wake-up alarm every morning.

Megha More

CO Founder & COO

If you ever wonder, what is the reason behind Truweight’s unrelenting focus on customer’s satisfaction, you know whom you should thank. If Vishnu is the brain behind Truweight, she is the heart and soul.

Kushal Sharma

Sr. VP, Growth

With strong startup experience across consumer internet firms like FreeCharge, Nutritown (founder) & Grow fit, he hustles on solving business problems across the firm, with an obsessive focus on scalability, data and tech.

Nutrition & Dietitian Expert Team

Suhasini Mudraganam

Chief Nutritionist

Suhasini Mudraganam is a leading food scientist who has helped design the Truweight Food plan. She has done her MS in Nutrition from University of Missouri, USA and has over 14 years of global experience.

Shunmukha Priya .S

Scientific Research Officer

Mrs. Priya.S, a post-graduate in Food Science and Nutrition. She presented several papers in National and International Conferences and had publications in national and international journals. She is a lifetime member of the Nutrition Society of India.


Is Truweight Safe and trustworthy?

Yes. Truweight’s healthcare programs are backed by expert Nutritionists & doctors who meticulously prepare diet plans for each of their clients based on their individual body composition. Hence, the program is safe and trustworthy because every diet plan will be according to your health quotient.

What are the Truweight Reviews talking about?

Truweight Reviews show that the program is one of the most natural ways to become healthier. It doesn’t endorse any weight loss pills or machines. Instead, it works on food and nutrients to bring about a natural and safe way to fight lifestyle diseases among the clients.

Are Truweight Superfoods safe?

Yes, Truweight’s Superfoods are produced from the foods which are nutritionally blessed but are forgotten over time. The superfoods that they have included are like quinoa, spirulina, wheatgrass, alfaalfa grass, apple cider vinegar etc. These superfoods are scientifically proven diet foods that bring numerous health benefits besides helping in overcoming lifestyle diseases. Also, they maintain a proper expiration time frame for all their superfoods, making sure that the clients get the products in the best possible quality.

Are Truweight’s food products natural?

Yes, Truweight food products are made with natural Super Foods that are nutritionally acclaimed. Moreover, the food products are passed through special scrutinization of their expert Nutritionists. Hence the products are natural and healthy in every possible way.