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4 Common Problems with the Indian Diet | How We Can Address Them with Super Foods

Checkout what Dr Truweight has to say about the Indian Diet loophole and how to correct them with Superfoods.

Do you think we Indians eat healthier than the western population? Well maybe we are not depending on burgers but that doesn’t mean our Indian diet is healthy.

Otherwise, how can we become the Diabetes capital of the world and home to the maximum number of Cardiac and Thyroid patients?

The reasons are – Less Protein, Too many unhealthy Carbs and not much Vitamins and minerals in our diet. That is why Truweight brings the ultimate collection of Superfoods.

These are natural foods with high nutrition quotient, chosen from around the world.

From Quinoa, wheatgrass, spirulina to jowar, our food products are made from the best nutritious foods in the world. And the best part, they are tasty.

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