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17 Year Old Muktha Rahalkar Lost 23Kgs in 4 Months | Truweight

With an increase in weight, comes an invitation to tired and fatigued you with strenuous recovery time.

Such was the battle been fought by a 17 yr old Student, Mukta Rahalkar, from Mumbai. Here, it is her story in her own words.

Hello, I am Mukta Rahalkar, student based in Mumbai. Though I didn’t have any medical issue, abrupt weight gain of 25 kgs in 2 years was my major concern.

This has resulted in low energy levels with evidently less efficiency.

Muktha Rahalkar Before and After Weight Loss Journey
Muktha Rahalkar Before and After Weight Loss Journey

While I tried other options like personal dietitian but the results were insignificant due to undesirable leniency. It was after extensive research, I came across Truweight and fall in love with it.

The Truweight plan is so flexible with various options available. Also, the plan was easy to follow and customized keeping in my mind my college timings as well.

The best thing I liked about it was the Truweight app, that keeps me motivated, on eating the right food, making the right choices.

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My weight loss journey with Truweight

The journey has been totally amazing where I lost 23 kgs in 4 months. The flexibility and variety of food options in the diet plan were very excellent. Most importantly, the regular guidance by the dietitian was really worth all the appreciation.

She motivated me, guided me and changed my plan every time as per the changed college timings and requirements. This made the plan super-easy to follow amidst my hectic schedule.

With the excess weight gone!!

I am on the seventh sky as I discover new me. I have not just lost weight but now, I am more energetic, flexible and way more lively.

I now know the definition of a healthy lifestyle and how to maintain the same.

Not only that, my friends and relatives are surprised and couldn’t resist complimenting me and asking about it.

Why Truweight Superfoods are the best?

Truweight’ superfoods are not just tasty but very nutritious as well. My favorite were Granola laddoos, cookies and brown rice.

These are filling, convenient to carry and very easy to make.

My 3 Tips for healthy weight loss

  • Believe the program and you will do it.
  • Follow the program 100 percent, it will give you the results expected.
  • Need to be honest towards the program

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